Declining; Anniversary Plans Changed

My 7 year wedding anniversary is coming up next week. We had a nice hotel and a whole trip scheduled for Phoenix, Arizona. We would’ve gotten on a plane this Saturday. I was really looking forward to it.

But my mental health is declining. I feel disconnected, slow, confused, and soooo foggy. I feel like I can’t control my thoughts.

I talked to hubby on the phone (he’s at the office). We decided to cancel the plane tickets, the hotel room, the rental car, etc. It’s too risky to go out of state while I’m feeling this way.

We are going to try to go visit Park City, Utah, though! We can easily drive there. I’m in Utah. I’m happy about that.

I hope I don’t lose my mind and end up in the hospital, though.

I am going to call the same-day psychiatric clinic tomorrow morning, as soon as they open. My psychiatrist is out of town, but she said the same-day clinic could help me, if needed.


I think you guys made the right decision.

Good luck with the clinic… :four_leaf_clover:


sorry you had to cancel…you must feel robbed…


I think you did the best thing even though it was a hard choice. I hope you get to feeling better.


Thanks, @everhopeful, @jukebox, & @leafy. :rainbow:


Sending good energy Miss Kitty. You’re having a rough time, wish I could help.

Utah is very pretty, I got a chance to go when I was younger, we bussed from Vegas to Zion. I had a wonderful time.

What I can say is that it sounds like you’re trying to make all the right moves in regards to the ailments, you’ve still got some fight.

Llama boy is cheering you on! Let us know if we can help.

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It’s good you told him. That’s great self care. Good job. I hope you get to reschedule for the future

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bummer that you had to cancel it but i think you did right thing.
hopefully they can help you at the same-day psychiatric clinic!

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Have you ever taken the airplane before, @Blossom ? If this would’ve been your first time, maybe you simply got too anxious?

No, I’ve flown on airplanes many times in my life. It wasn’t that. I’ve been declining for a little while now, even before the vacation was planned. Just not doing well.

I was able to get an appointment at the same-day psychiatry clinic, though. I have an appointment this afternoon!

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