Deck the halls wih boughs of holly....falalalallala

Yes, I just decorated the house including the tree for Christmas…really cheered me up…the ex neighbors when we were still friends gave me a Christmas tree with about 30 ornaments…looks so good I can’t believe it…there must be a hundred dollars worth of ornaments…we also have a Merry Christmas wreath with rudolph and his girlfriend inside…love this stuff…ready for Christmas !! oh , I listen to Christmas albums too…bing crosby, elton john’s Christmas Party…


Did my tree too. Can’t forget Elvis Xmas music too

That sounds really happy jukebox. :sunny:

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Glad you are in the Christmas spirit!

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You guys surely get ready early. :christmas_tree::christmas_tree::christmas_tree:

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Yes, I am happy although I have no money until pay day…we have food and that’s it. good thing I quit cigs…I want to get Angie a surprise Christmas present this year…


Have about 90% of the Christmas lights up now. Still have four pillars to go, but they should only take half an hour. Really wish I’d done it last month when it was warmer. Phooey.

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We’ve never really done Xmas. This year though with Dad and I I might go out and get a cheap tree and some ornaments. If only to keep my aging cats something to climb upon!


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