Decisions decisions

soon to have no food. I should

  • get a job
  • try increase SSI
  • re-certify food stamp

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Am I remembering right that they offered to increase your ssi but you declined? Maybe they can reinstate that rate?

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yeah. they didn’t know I pay rent, so they offered increase. I don’t know if I should though…

I’m still suspicious as to why they give me money for my MI at my age…

There is a simple rule I always try to live by. When someone offers you free money, you accept it. If they want to give you more for ssi, absolutely take that offer. Take any helping hand you can find to improve your life.


I’m with @ninjastar you take what you can get. They chose to give me nothing so I’m attempting to find a job.


Why not??? For gosh sakes take it.

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All of the above.

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lol lol should’ve been check-all-that-apply poll

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Yes, check all that apply. If you can’t afford to eat, you should accept all help that is offered.