Decision vs Time

“Deciding is hard, Remembering it, Even harder.
Days and Years Pass, As Time narrates, Its own story.
Guess what? Time has not planned, Much for Me.
I either, bend time, For my needs, Or Go with the flow.”

Decisions made have great impacts on our lives journey

Even small things do have potential to cause significant changes we cannot foresee

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You know I started to write down like in a diary book.

Every day what motivates me to get things done.
Todays note for me was:
“Don’t ask for reason. As there is “None”. There is only targets”

One thing, I cannot understand myself. When I work for others, I do it even harder, than my own interest.

Some where something is fishy in me.

I think I wait for a long time before I realize something important, and then when I am ready I make a change. Like it has taken me a long time to realize the importance of other people (friends and acquaintances).
I spend a lot of time waiting.

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