Decision making

In entire existence, in the absence of evolution of life, decision making is impossible, the World was governed automatically by finite laws varying with events and, after evolution of life, it was constantly proved that there are completely new set of laws, but the completely hidden truth is, good life does good and evil life does evil and, life is automatically good or automatically evil and can change from being good or evil, because there is a law in this World that is impossible without life and it is decision making. So, hope for a World without automatic evil and if such life exists, then hope for change. May good life be immortal that never changes into a different life and also never deviates from being good. May new life and evolution completely ceases evil life in its tracks and sees to it that it becomes a thing of history and myth. I am wishing and hoping for a World which is full of good life and completely void of evil life. If this continues to be a reality, then I must say, there exists an artificial heaven. - Random name.

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