Decided to join our local association for mentally ill

They have a small membership fee. They arrange all kinds of events and trips, for example they have the traditional May Day party. I think in this way I meet more people and become more social.


Yeah, good for you @mjseu - its nice to be more social

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Great idea. Let us know how it goes.

I’m in one too. We meet every monday. Go to movies one friday/month. Go swimming on fridays. Out on small hikes in nature.

Wow that sounds really cool. Wonder if there’s something like it in my area…I signed up for a Nami group but it only meets like twice a month o.o

When will go attend your first meeting? I once joined a meetup group for bipolars but only older people went to the group so I felt out of place. It seems like younger bipolars are too busy ruining their lives to meetup. lol :wink:

My group is mixed old and young. I’ve gotten a new friend there we’re friends on facebook too. Some of them love hugs so we hug each time we come to the meeting. For some it’s the only contact they get from other people. A friendly hug means so much. Not everyone hugs, it’s up to you to say no or yes and it is respected.

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I have met these people already in the past, next week we’ll have a party.

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awesome! I hope you have a good time! Maybe you’ll hookup with someone! :smile: