Decided to Continue on Meds

I was doing well but today probably marks the third whole week. I have chest pains and my eyes itch plus I threw up a little. I was hopeful, but I just got a job interview and I can’t risk any return of manic symptoms in the work place. My job interview is next week. I’m going to tell my dad on sunday that I need a refill. I have two doses remaining until Sunday. Just took today’s full dose. Ughhh I feel soooo restless and irritated. I think this is the right decision.

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Did you wean off or just quit when you stopped? Cold turkey is not the way, and can be dangerous. weaning down to 3/4 doses, then 1/2, then 1/4, and at last few days 1/8 over a 2 - 3 week period has worked for a couple people I know who successfully got off and stayed off meds…and they were on for many years too.

Hey congrats, you are doing what you feel is right - more power to you


Yeah I just quit taking it recently which wasn’t smart and is the longest I’ve been off it in awhile. Today I was getting chest pains and anxiety and really feeling restless and upset. Granted I think I got up motivation to actually get a job and get out in the beginning while it was slowly leaving my system which makes sense that i should just try a lower dose eventually. It really caps the mania which is why I was on it for so long and why my doctor recommended staying on it. The worst mania was helped over time. I’ve been told when you think you dont need it usually means its working well. A few people told me I should take it for that reason although a couple people think I shouldnt because they saw that I was more in control. I just need a better balance.


Its been about 2 months of meds, I’ve been doing fine, thank god. I hope it stays this way, I think your decision is a good one. More power to you, medication helps greatly, it’s not a cure but is a huge step to recovery. I just didn’t feel like dealing with the negative symptoms of medication. Best wishes, chris

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I’m glad to hear you’re going back on meds. Even though I thought that going off of them was a bad idea, I resisted posting in the thread where you wrote that you were stopping them. Sometimes my posts can be a bit harsh and judgmental so I need to work on my restraint.

I hope things go well for you.


Medication does help, but it has side effects. Why can’t they create a medication that doesn’t have so many side effects. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll take the side effects rather than the consequences of no meds.

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good luck with the job interview, you will be fine.
take care

Good idea to continue on meds. They are our front-line defense against psychosis.

You’re awesome! I’m so happy for you!:slight_smile: