Decided to be all alone

Just a lot of people have left me (in real life not online) …i dont want to end up judging myself…i was assuming I was a schizoid a few hours ago…did a diag test online and found out i was way off being schizoid…

guess I dont know…I dont attract people by who i am…its just that i feel a lot of pain when people eventually decide to leave me.

I think ive decided to quit being friends with anybody…i dont know if that makes me a schizoid…Its not that I dont want friends…its just that when they leave me for whatever reasons…i just cant take the pain…

am shattered

Do not get so caught up over Internet quizzes in my opinion…good luck sorry you feel shattered

I hope it gets better for you :peach:

so i could be schizoid?

Not sure I’m not up on diagnoses I just know schizoaffective well and bipolar and schizophrenia because I’m closest to those. I’m not an expert on axis 2 diagnoses

I would not decide to be all alone.

Buddy, you need to see a professional about this. You’re distressed enough to have something for sure going on for the worse in your head.

Labels and crap- who cares. You have symptoms and need treatment. Don’t worry about what it is according to the handbook of psychology. Worry about getting your issues straightened out–see a psychiatrist and be honest to them.

My psychiatrist has always said that he treats symptoms and that labels and disorders are not the real problem- the real problem is the symptoms.


Labels are for filing cabinets and insurance companies. Concentrate on your symptoms.

Decided to be alone…its my choice actually and am happy with being alone.

I think for the first time in my life I AM PROUD of being a schizoid

Go to the psychiatrist sir. Get evaluated then you can work on stuff

I am in pretty much control of my delusions now. The intensity HAS come down. Now it just lasts for a few hours or max 1 day and gain insight…

I choose to be a loner and that is my choice. Noone should be forcing me to a psychiatrist or hospitalizing me for choosing to be alone. Being a schizoid is not a crime…I am not harming anyone, am I?

Our point is that you are not hurting anyone else, but you are hurting yourself. I don’t know if you have family or not, but if you do I imagine that your decision to give up on people will probably hurt them in some way. Maybe not now but maybe in the future.

I am in touch with my family. I do speak to them over phone everyday

I was trying to say that it might hurt your family to see you alone except for them. And that isolation brings it’s own special kind of problems that might effect someones family in unexpected ways.

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precisely, which is why I am avoiding (or trying to avoid) communications with my family for different reasons one of which you just now mentioned

Like I said earlier - it is not that I dont want friends its just that people decide to leave me for reasons you delved on

one solution that I know of is Meditation…If I am out of my delusions I am able to meditate and probably now quite easily enter into Bliss…which gives me a lot of personal happiness inside and keeps me from bothering anyone for atleast 1 or more days…so that is what im planning on doing

and to be brutally honest, I am sick and tired of existence itself…I dont want to take birth again and go over all the nonsense again and again.

i rather cut off the cycle of birth and rebirth and thats what I am aiming at

so i guess im not hurting self and others by this?

Oh the only reason I say that is because it seems you are confused as to what is happening to you.

First you were in bliss. Then it’s mania then it’s bliss. Then it’s gone then it’s back. Now you feel your schizoid.

Nothing wrong with getting someone qualified to evaluate you. Doesn’t mean there going to force you to do anything

was seeking help with a Therapist (not anymore)

The diagnose I got was - A little trait of everything - A little of Schizoid but not enough to classify as SPD, A little of Parania not enough to classify as PPD ,a little of Borderline but not enough to classify as BorderlinePD.

I have a mix of everything but not enough to classify as A SPECIFIC disorder.

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Oh ok that’s good then. On the right track

I think if you have a close family that loves you or at least looks out for your welfare than seeing you giving up and turning your back on human companionship will hurt them very much. My mom just passed away but I know when she was alive that if I decided to do what you are suggesting that she would feel very hurt to see me alone.

Cutting everybody out just doesn’t seem healthy to me. Meditating takes about 20 minutes or 40 minutes depending on your method. It’s not going to fill a whole day. Have you ever heard the term, “If you don’t use it, than you lose it”? Isolating may cause you to lose whatever little social skills that you have right now.

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