Decided to admit myself

cya everyone :frowning:


Good going. Chill out okay?


I think that is a good plan.

Good luck. Let us know how it goes when you get out.

alright. maybe you can get into good convo in person with someone. I always have.

Good luck. Let them help you .k .

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Thanks everyone @Sunlion @naturallycured @ninjastar @roxanna @Daze


good luck @Crystal-Cotton
i hope things work out for you!

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How to calm down ?

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try to put your mind to other things. Maybe listen some music and try not to think too much.


I hope you’re doing alright I did the same thing last night but they discharged me right away and just gave me a prescription. Don’t be afraid! You will get help!!

hope they won’t do that :frowning:

well, this kind of a bad thing to ask, but are you just seeking attention?

you don’t seem at your wits end.

Good luck! 1515

I’m not. I’m so ■■■■■■■ done with life that this is the best decision

then okay, it’s serious. We’re losing too many young people,
but remember, half of this is up to You.

I just hope they wont inject me… i have bad experiences concerning injections

yeah, don’t know, I’ve never had that done while inpatient.

Will you be able to see your same doc, or can they get the records. Everything is digital now.

I moved away from the doc so nope
I have a new doc but she isn’t in the ward so idk who i will see : /

okay, they don’t give ya much time.

maybe a counselor or therapist will come there and do group session.