Decided not to escape

Figured out the cops would be searching for me and when they find me they would’ve drugged me and restrained me for days :frowning:

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Yea that’s the things with cops. The more u struggle with them the more they restrain.

They put cuffs on me so tight I had serious bruising. Cos they didn’t trust me they didn’t loosen it overnight.

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Why did they cuff ya in the first place

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I tried to escape the hospital and I bit the police woman’s hand to get her off me :pensive:

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When I escaped twice, I was just released from the hospital, because I contacted both places, later. I left my passport at one place and can’t remember why I contacted the other. No one was ever looking for me. I guess it depends on why you’re there. Both times, it had to do with being homeless. :tropical_drink:

Jus a Side Note:

  • The Police Officers Usually Don’t Want to Harm The Innocent

  • They Have a Job, to Protect And Serve

  • The Mainstream News Could Be Elusive Propaganda

  • As Was Once Said, Peacefully Say, ‘Yes Sir, And Follow Directions’.

The Government Has Much to Shuffle Through. Within Each Night And Day.

As We (As Patients), Do Also.

So. Lets Do Our Best to Relax, Remain Calm, And Seek Shelter in Hope, & Love!.

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