Decided I am going to try and get the bus to the city

Some of you may have read some of my posts about my experience with unkind people in my village. They really got me down.

Then it occurred to me I haven’t left the village in about a year (disregarding going to the health centre in the nearby town). Anyway I have decided I should spend less time in the village (the pub especially - that place attracts the bullies).

I have a bus pass valid to take me all the way to the nearest city.

So I am going to spend my time there from now on. Takes 40mins to get there but I like bus journeys. I intend to go round shops/museums/cafes. Just to spend a little time anonymous.

Might be hard at first cos I have fears of going out to new places. But I think I must at least try.

Looking forward to it.


Whatch out bob the stocks just crashed by a thousand points.

What do you mean? Like they will cut my pass due to lack of money or something? I am not good at financial stuff.

No bob turn on the freaking news .

im saying stay safe.

I thought the markets rose again (well in America anyway).

Did see China took a BIG hit - suppose that’s going to effect everyone. I will try not to think about what might happen to my dads private pension he worked so hard for.

That sounds just great and chilling! :smiley:
Im imagining you reading a newspapers in some park, surrounded with autumn leaves. :leaves:

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Thats what everyone thought before this 1000 point hit.

Good luck. Wish you good health. I used to browse Pinterest on my iPhone when on bus trips. If you have a phone, or maybe listen to some music. Enjoy your time out!

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Sounds like a good plan @Jimbob

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I’m extremely happy to hear this news jimbob! Sounds like an excellent plan. I’m not sure what the stock market has to do with your bus ride. :smile:

Have you got any headphones? If you have any music on your mobile phone you could maybe listen to that on the bus.

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Yeah have an old (but good) iPod. With loads of music on it. Will be using that on the bus. Also have nicotine gum to chew (tobacco and e-cigs are banned on our public transport).

Will start slow, maybe getting someone to come with me the first few times.


I rarely go out into town myself, but I find thursday,friday,sat the worst days to go, as it’s too crowded. Consider mon,tue,wed. Unless you want the ‘crowded’ experience. Just my preference in the end though.

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good on you… :sunny:
take care :alien:

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**Hope you have a blast! :sparkles: **

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