Debunking Mind Reading

I’m not sure how mant try this but When the Thought Broadcasting gets really bad I always turn to a deck of cards. I sit with someone and I have them pick a random card and I ask them to think about the card. I then try to guess the card. I always get it wrong. So I cant be reading minds… I also find someone and I tell them to sit in front of me. As we sit there I in my minds eye slap the pseron in the face. It’s imaginary I’m not really hitting him and I then ask them “What did I just do to you?” They never can guess it. These tests really help me and I just wanted to post this for someone else who hasnt thought of such tests.


I used to do stuff like that. There’s a square in town where there are always pigeons, and I used to go and sit there and try to mind control the pigeons… See if I could guide where they walked… It never worked, lol.

When people say something that stirs an idea of reference I look at them and say “what?” Typically when they repeat themselves they said some totally different.