Debilitating anxiety

Does anyone here suffer from really bad anxiety? Mine is at an almost unbearable level. Do any meds help?


I was jus thinking today that anxiety and greatfulness are two concepts i know nothing of. I have no idea what those things are. I have no idea what anxiety is and i have no idea what gratefulness is. I strive for perfection and put enormous effort into it. Gratefulness is accepting inferiority. Most people don’t even have perfection as a goal. Let alone come close to it.

I suffer from severe anxiety. Many times triggered, other times I don’t know why and where it comes from.

I am prescribed Xanax. It helps.

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Benzo’s are short acting/addictive but really a good option for some. Put one under your tongue and it’s in your bloodstream quickly and help…

…But. They are addictive as heck and dependency is an issue. If you use them sparingly they are still very good for a lot of people but that is the thing. If you’ve a history of addiction then it’s probably not a good option…

Then there’s ssri’s. Not as effective in moments but better in the long run if they work. That is the problem with them. Can be good for long term anxiety and depression but not good as take as needed or prn…Talk to your doctor.


i was on benzos for a few months. only took them once or twice a week with one week of 2 every other day took none for two weeks and was in deep â– â– â– â–  with withdrawal followed by a year of irrationally suicidal PAWS

now i just take hydroxyzine it makes me drowsy and puts me to sleep but no potential for dependence

I take 300mg Pregabalin a day, and up to 30mg Diazepam but I usually try to stick to 10mg

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@Joker Is pregabalin an antidepressant?

It’s a nerve pain med that has been approved for use for anxiety disorders

Will add that it treats my anxiety very well, but I am dependent on benzos

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I too suffer from debilitating anxiety that causes my hands and legs to shake uncontrollably. I don’t take any medication for it but have tried Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in the past without success. It may work for you though.

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Yes I do… At times… I’ve learned how to deal with it a little

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I turned down a really good job, because my anxiety was so bad I was physically ill. I think some ativan would have helped, if they would prescribe it. Since then, people have been making my life hell.


i take one when things are getting really bad and then my mum asks my gp doc or my pdoc and they say i can take a lorazepam… but it doesn’t happen so often that it gets that bad that i have to take it…

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My anxiety is very bad all day long it is difficult to manage
I do a walk in the morning

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@TheOne_and_Only I think gratefulness is simply appreciating what you have

I’m not grateful for having schizophrenia, but I’m not bitter about it either. I am however, very grateful that I found this board

@Schwann I used to struggle with severe anxiety, due to PTSD. It was very debilitating. My hands would shake so bad in the morning, I couldn’t drink my coffee.

Wishing you the very best in finding a solution. It probably sounds lame, but taking several deep breaths can take the edge off

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Have you considered supplements?

These help my anxiety.

Prior to taking these, I was on a benzo for anxiety. Now I get by with just those supplements.

Edit: But in any case, don’t suffer in silence. Talk to your psychiatrist.


I have suffered from debilitating anxiety. Nothing helped, to some degree SSRI helped a little.

But i took a crash course in mindfulness / detached mindfulness, and little after little the anxiety decreased. It’s the only effective therapy i have had. CBT did nothing.

Hope you find something to alleviate you symptoms. Anxiety sucks


I suffer from crippling anxiety.
I’m constantly worrying and fearful of everything!

Simple events become catastrophic in my mind.

It’s gotten worse since coming off Depakote.

I’m going to rely on my new therapist a lot more and Klonopin!


I have severe anxiety. I had good results with Lion’s Mane extract. I keep forgetting to take it, but when I do .y anxiety is low or not there.

It doesn’t help everyone and some people can have side effects.

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I had severe anxiety, with lexapro and Latuda it got back to a manageable level.

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