Debian Linux

I have set up a radio station on my nano pi. It broadcasts some songs I have on my lan. It is using debian linux, and using ympd+mpd+darkice+icecast. however my visitors.php mysql log i set up is recording people coming and going to and from my virtual world. I spend most of my time on osgrid. A virtual 3d world where I can be anything like an elf prince or a wizard or a rockstar. Chatting with people all over the world. Designing things in 3d. However my stream plays on my simulator i run on another computer. This way i can be submerged in unreality and listen to cool music all the time. I suggest you try it, or else… don’t.


I like OpenSuse linux.


Im using ubuntu linux. I never used linux till this year. Its a lot lighter than windows os

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Cool stuff. ✼ ҉ ҉ ҉ ҉ ✼

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I use Ubuntu Linux 20.04 LTS that came pre-installed on my Dell XPS 13 9300. Ubuntu 22.04 is going to be released in 2 months and so I might delve into the newer release.

The Clementine Music Player for Linux can edit Artist, Title and Album for mp3 files whereas any music player using Windows cannot. I need to see the Artist & Title on the Head Unit in my car.


Curious to know what you’re using to run your station. Rivendell?

I use arch and gentoo


Check out when you get a chance. It’s a lot like MacOS but built on Ubuntu

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Debian documentation is rather lacking. I struggle to understand half of the networking tools, nevermind hardening them and exposing services.

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