Debating on inviting my unmedicated dad to the wedding

My dad has sz like me only thing is he’s unmedicated and because of this Idk if I wanna invite him… If I do he’ll probably walk me down the aisle… I’m scared he’ll ruin my wedding… What y’all think?

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that depends what he’s like i’d say… how is he doing unmedicated?

@lekkerhondje. Idk I haven’t talked to him in like 6 months

oh that is a hard one… i don’t know how you can decide that. Do you have contact with somebody who has talked to him recently?

@lekkerhondje. Yeah but it’s his girlfriend and idk how reliable she can be

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it’s hard to say… i think if you not sure then maybe you better don’t invite him but maybe then you gonna feel bad about that later maybe

Is he responsible with alcohol? You don’t want him drunk in your wedding, it may end bad.


@lekkerhondje. Mom is suggesting not inviting him because of past behavior

@Aziz. We’re not gonna have booze there


yea if your mom suggests it then i wouldn’t invite him. Just to be safe… and if you don’t feel bad about it

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Maybe you can talk to him or someone close to him about your concerns.

It would be a shame if your father wasn’t there on your special day.

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@Wave. He’s been violent in past behavior I’m afraid I’ll get embarrassed or he’ll start a fight

You’ll make the right decision. It’s a difficult one. Maybe you can do something nice with him if you don’t invite him.


@Rabbit_Farmer. @Wave. @lekkerhondje. @Aziz

Mom pointed out that my daughter who has been adopted by someone I trust that he may try kidnapping my daughter… He has asked for adoptive mom’s address to get my daughter back and not to mention he is never clean that I remember in the past 18 years


@Rabbit_Farmer. I think it’s a good idea to just do something small with him after the honeymoon

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I must need new glasses, because I read the title as “I’m going to defecate on my father for the wedding” :grimacing:

In all seriousness, it sounds like he’s got a history of toxic, harmful behaviour.
It will hurt his feelings that you don’t invite him, but you gotta look after yourself and your family first.
I woudln’t invite him.
If he asks why, tell him as it is: he’s got a history of doing toxic and harmful things, and as long as he’s not accepting treatment you can’t trust him to behave himself.

Who knows, maybe it’ll be the wakeup call he needs.


@Pikasaur. He has had several things that should have woke him up but didn’t

Sadly some people can’t be helped.
But he’s shown he doesn’t care about your feelings, so you shouldn’t go to great lengths to protect his.


I’m so sorry to hear that you have to deal with this. If he has violent behavior it may be best if he’s not there but I think you know best. Whatever you decide I hope you have a wonderful day!

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