Death would have been better

Death would have been better than this.

Nothing that i’ve ever done could have merited this, this would be like paying two thousand dollars for a candy bar.

And isn’t it crazy how hitler can have a better life and death than us, saddam and his family had better lives, saddam had a better death as well, all that he did was hang for a few moments which is easier and better than what i’ve been through.

And if you can throw a football and torture many animals over and over again all that you get is a short jail sentence, and a cushy one at that, and then get hired back into football and make millions once again.

Fairness and justice are something that you will never find or experience on earth.

This place is coming around the bend now, it’s not going to be long now, we’re on the cusp. Good riddance.

There is no hell, there is only mental and physical illnesses.

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I didn’t say there was a hell.

If there is one im already there and have been this entire time.

What is there in dante’s inferno that doesn’t occur repeatedly on earth?