Death to Videodrome! Long live the new flesh!

Did some more video tonight.

Three cameras capturing three different views of a community play. Probably 200 people in the room. I’m more than a bit fried.


p.s. If you get the film reference in the subject line, that means you’re as old and creaky as I am.


is that you trying to capture it in 3D haha jk, well done, idk if i could do that


Left camera is the backup camera in case one of the others goes down. Middle camera is wide-angle. Right-hand camera has a telephoto lens and is being used for closeups. I had a digital sound recorder (not in the pic) grabbing audio off the sound board. I sync all of the video clips up to that audo track and edit them together to produce the video of the play, which I’m putting to DVD and BluRay. It’s a keepsake for performers.



Hey, voices, say hello to my little friend!

Seriously thinking I should just wind down the video biz and stick with driving truck. Working alone doesn’t mess with my symptoms. Shooting video in a crowded room does. Inside of my head is an H.R. Geiger painting this morning. Faaaaaaack.

Need to go Tony Montana on this ■■■■.


Just don’t post any pics of your ‘big boom microphone’…

It might be construed as sexual harassment. :wink:

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