Death penalty for psych symptom

To be mentally symptomatic is to face execution.

As of Thursday, at least, in Pakistan.

That’s when a mentally ill elderly British man was handed a death sentence–hanging–for having one of the religious delusions so commonly found in schizophrenia.

Amnesty International, which has cried foul, is calling for his immediate release.

This just makes me angry.

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oh dear that is terrible and inhumane.

Here in the Western World, the “Death” sentence is enforced upon us towards the mentally ill everyday as well, its called Stigma

We have it good in the western world.

Yes better than other parts of the world

That’s really horrific. But something else from the article is horrific too. “Pakistan ranks fifth after China, Iran, Saudi Arabia and the United States in executions per capita.” The United States is a death penalty loving nation. No doubt many of the people on death row are also mentally ill. I remember when a retarded man was executed in Texas.

me and my husband signed it and i have put it on face book

He thought that he was muhammed, they do that sometimes, they told me so.

One woman on youtube was telling her interviewers “i just keep thinking im the devil”, in her head it was going “im the devil, im the devil, im the devil”.

I wouldn’t have known had they not told me but they did, i was outside smoking about three at night and i thought not of my own volition “im jesus” and then directly after i thought it they said “see, that is how we do that to people”.

They said it within me and as me.

This thought, “im jesus”, it just popped up, no reason at all, and then they told me it was “them”, whoever they are anyway, yeah they can do that.

In my opinion this man has been murdered and “they” knew exactly what they were doing to him in this situation.

Horrid!!! No surprise he was seen fit to stand trial, by a bunch of Muslims! they are waaaay strict to their religion and I hope this man lives. In my opinion in many cases religion can get us sz into a lot of trouble. Poor man :frowning: my love is sent to him

That’s not true. Egypt has the most executions, then China, then Israel, then Saudi Arabia, then Iran, then United States, and then Pakistan. Cuba? I forgot about Cuba.

I see people as DNA programs that are always being reprogrammed with everything that effects their thinking. Combinations are infinity over a life time which is why everyone is different. And why I respect a homeless meth addict as much as a CEO of a corporation. So I can’t agree with the death penalty. And self determination is from are genes and past events in our lives.