Death or cake?

Phrases that make you smile.

How many boards would the mongols horde if the mongols horde got bored?

Death or cake

“Hey assholes!” I yelled to my friends who got into a large line at a concert while i was pissing. The whole line turned. I was slightly intoxicated and responded loudly my last entry in favorite phrases.
“not you assholes those assholes”.

i dont get it.
boards? were the mongols all skate-boarders contrary to popular belief they were horseriders?

Its just a better version of how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood. But yes little known fact tony hawks full name is tony koblakhan hawk. Greatx500 grand son of ghengis the original skate master. How do you think the took china? Supperior battle tactics ha. He beat the emperor in a high stakes game of skate.

Well that was kind of rude. Even a*sholes got feelings you know lol.