Death of dreams

do you still feel rewarded when something good happens in your life?


Nope. I just feel kind of… Blank?

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me too. I have such amazing good things in my life… dreams are coming true as we speak… and I do not feel any pleasure.

i do, its the same feeling when you do good for someone i think :slight_smile: self satisfaction or something.

everyday I wake up and say to myself. I am blessed. I am happy. I am grateful. I am content. but these words are empty. I feel like a walking dead woman.

i used to have affective bluntening and i was the same, its when there is little feeling in you

Yes and forever grateful

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Yeah, this lack of feeling much, its the first time during past 2 months that i ever experienced this, mainly a symptom or side effect of pill i’m unsure.

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I’m extremely appreciative these days. Was part of ACT( acceptance commitment therapy) Think I’ve been doing better and winning more friends because of it. A better class of friends with more loyalty at any rate. Whether or not karma related who knows but is work well for me.