Death itself

I wish i could enjoy life more. I used to think about death a lot. But now not so much just a bit when suicidal. I want to live you know. Just thinking why worry so much about others opinions and ■■■■■■■■. I am very tired of it.i could die at any moment and i would be worrying about stupid ■■■■ that doesnt matter

Let your worries go, it’s not worth it. Feel free not to care and life will go on

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Opinions are ok to listen to, but I don’t change my mind according to what others think, because opinions are subjective at best.
I usually give my response as “Treatment #3” meaning I listen to what someone says, nod my head as if in agreement, then say, “yeah, sure, right, right” as I run the other direction .

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The internet adds to my life satisfaction a lot, even though I am so incapable on the internet you could say I am internet retarded. YouTube, this site, and a couple of others keep me entertained. I could still get life satisfaction without the internet by reading and writing, though. I sometimes wonder how dependent on the internet I am.

What did us old farts do before the internet came along?