Dear Schizophrenic (poem)

this poem I am trying to be more cheerful and expressive. I first started writing poems out of the hospital when I was fifteen I used a website called allpoetry and also had tons of journals where I would just write poems and stories. Because of my illness the stories didn’t make any sense and a lot of the poems didn’t make much sense either–but I have tried to work it into a style and my own voice…kind of like abstract art for people who dont see the world the same as everyone else.

Lately my sadness is forcing me to want to write more as well. If I can express the sadness or the emptiness it can release some of the burden.


I agree that it can help. I hope you feel better soon


Dear schizophrenic, you’re a hallucination.

Where do I start? I love your style, you have a very descriptive voice. Your poem actually gave me gooseflesh at a couple of points, I could relate so strongly and you said it in such a unique way


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thanks. 15 15 15 15

I ended up with 40 likes for this poem. and 40 likes for this one too…

This poem got the most likes with 50 likes:

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Nice job!



thxxxx i was proud myself!!!

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Fantastic writing! Never stop (well we all gotta pee…). I mean your poety is just excellent. Beautiful work.

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