Dear Mother

I have loved you.
And from the beginning to the end, I have loved you.

I dare not to place the burden on my brother’s shoulders.
But please do not dare to place the burden on me.

If love has a place for you, then you should have known
That your shame does not come from the love of my brother.

One day, if the Heavens graciously allow me to go before him
He will know, eventually, the burden.

His children may carry it, and the next, to the next.
Why does our burden rest in the riverbed, then?

You say that you are truly sorry for my physical illness;
Fear not. You have done nothing.

But you have dropped the burden wrapped in my clothes
And threw a part of me into the Han River.

Fear not. You will spend your entire life thinking about me in love,
And I, thinking about you in love, and my part drowned in the river.


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