Dealing with rejection

It is March madness time. The time where Seniors who applied to colleges get the results of their admission.
I have a problem though…I can’t deal with rejection.
This may sound a bit pathetic, but I cannot handle being rejected. I drives me to insanity and suicidal depression.

My mind becomes obsessed with it. Voices repeat of how disappointed they are, how they are going to hurt me, how they are going to kill me if I get rejected. When I am rejected, I feel like they are right and might as well.

I have gotten into some schools but the fear of rejection pounds hard. I don’t know why.
It is like it stabs me.
How do you deal with it? How do you get it out of you’re head?

Sometimes i wish I could drill a hole in my brain and make it shut up.

What do you do when someone else gets accepted by something and you get rejected?

It’s not really so much getting rejected, but rather it’s a case of there being only X slots available and way more people than X applying. Same with applying for jobs. Same with a lottery. Etc.

I think getting rejected is more like when someone has plenty of resources (time, space, whatever) but still denies you for no apparent reason. Like if someone were handing out free food to the homeless, and randomly rejected one of the homeless people over something trivial like their appearance, even though there was plenty of food left. That is rejection IMO and that is what hurts in life.

I think some people accidentally mistake things for rejection, and so they get hurt. I think it has to do with stuff from childhood most of the time. One of your threads the other day made your mother sound like a real piece of work in the emotional manipulation department, so Idunno if you’ve got that going on.

Yeah, I got rejected from my first choice of colleges way back in the day. I felt terrible. My doctor once told me I wasn’t ready for college anyway and probably should have waited a few years before going anywhere. But he told me too late, I already was hospitalized psychotic. Weak family structure makes rejection by the outside world much more stressful. Better sports had parents to comfort and support them when they fell short.

But, they don’t take certain people because those people are not good enough. I know it isn’t supposed to be personal but it is in some way personal. You give them your all. All the value I have is academic. I can’t fail that or voices literally will not shut up about it. They want to shoot me so bad.

My mother is a good person. She just doesn’t understand. But, she will. Especially if I get into a good school. She will see that I am smart, not crazy.

I was denied by four colleges before I got into UMass. it hurt I felt like failure, but I kept going. The best way t deal with it is to think of it as their loss not yours. if they cant appreciate your talents and skills then they are the ones losing out not you.

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