Dealing with Piglets...err... People


Some tips to deal with People…

Lemme know if you find it useful! Would love to hear your tactics!

The Sane Schizo

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This is amazing.

I went to your site, and this is what I saw:

"Socialization improves cognition and speech. Positive socialization
can improve your mood and give you a grip back on reality. It could be
hard for schizophrenics to find people they can talk to. Moreover, for
some, it may be difficult to deal with people. Here are some tips to
help you navigate around people:

Talk about things people talk – The number one rule,
(totally common-and-effective) for connecting with people is to find
their interest, and talk on those topics. Find people’s interest, read
on those topics and form an opinion. If you don’t know what their
interest are, stick to sports, popular fads, movies, recent events,
politics, etc. Religion is best avoided. Not everybody may hold the same
religious views as you. Don’t talk about your problems or negative
things, this makes anybody walk away. If you are around people who know
you are ill, it is sensible to skip topics you think they aren’t aware

Getting Smart – Schizo’s when around people could
feel that certain sentences are said intentionally or the person knows
some personal details. Cross-quiz the person smartly and find out why
something was said/done, without the person suspecting anything.

Social Cues – Always be on a lookout for picking
social cues. If people seem approachable, communicate. If they turn
their head away, leave. Predict what people want to be predictable.
Beware, of people who don’t like you. If the ones that dislike you,
happen to have a good social connect, they would definitely sabotage
your presence with their opinions. Everything you say will be put in a
new context and used against you. If you ain’t a pro at social cues, do
some research and read about it.

Relationship-dabble – Socializing with people that
know you have schizophrenia could be a bit difficult as they might not
believe most of the things you say. Talk about relationships. This is
like the best topic in the world for schizophrenics. There is no logic
involved. You can talk from any side. Crack jokes, give advice or extend
a ear. It helps to keep it simple and makes it easy to connect with
people. Giving sensible relationship advice, also changes the insane
perception people would carry about you. If you are a girl, too much of
relationship talk will make you look like a cheesy-vacuous-head.
However, people will judge and criticise you anyways.

Stupidity as a Tool – It is better for people to
think your stupid than crazy. Schizo’s mannerism can appear very weird
to normal people. People would start maintaining a distance. Stupidity
can act as a cover to all your weirdness, out-of-line talk, and most
importantly to your craziness. I won’t deny that am not stupid, but at
times I am intentionally a bit stupid. As per my experience, once people
think you are stupid, they filter most things about you in a light
jesting way. Don’t overdo stupidity. Too much of it, could work against

Find friends online: I usually find people online to
make friends with. These people know nothing about me. This gives me a
comfort level and a hold for not deviating to the common schizo delusion
‘everybody knows about me’. Moreover, as per my view, people that come
online, have a ‘not-so-great’ socialisation or connect with people they
know. Otherwise, in this fast moving world, they wouldn’t waste time
finding people online. This is not necessary, but has turned out the
case with 60% people I met through apps and web. Also, this could be a
bit risky as well. Hence, do a background check before you meet someone."

interesting. though my paranoid sz makes me too paranoid to read your document thoroughly, because my illness has already made primitive assumptions of your document through the titles of your document’s sections (example “Stupidity as a tool,” “Getting smart,” etc.)


Good tips. I think reading news is a good one as well.

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I deal with my suspicions by countering it with logic…This is how I will think through it…:
…Why would someone write all this?>>>>> Is the person directing this towards me? >>>> Is she plotting against me?>>> Does She know me?>>> Who is is ‘he’? >>>>

‘He’ is a paranoid schizo as well :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe then, there is no need to be suspicious :slight_smile:

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Glad! You liked it! :slight_smile:

it’s just that the tone within your document feels like “if you do this, your conversation will be successful” and “don’t do that, or else people will shun you.”

this document is good for people, especially those without sz. but I find some of these things hard to even begin.

For example, talking about the other person’s interest sounds very smart. but how would you know that person’s interests, to begin with? to know his or her interests; you would have to had a good talk with him or her, to make an assumption that could be wrong, or to try to get information about him or her usually without he or she telling you that information.

the first option is a contradiction, because having a good talk with him or her was the initial challenge. the second option would be embarrassing if you guess wrong (especially multiple times,) and the third option would make you look like a creep and would possibly scare him or her.

Welcome to the forum @TheSaneSchizo!

Thanks for sharing your blog.

I assumed when I said find people’s interest, that you will do your homework, look up their social profiles…and dwell on those topics.

And if you haven’t found people’s interest, I mentioned talk about common topics…on which most people are updated, as they know these are essential to know while socializing. Non-schizo’s who wish to connect with people for their own benefit, also ‘talk about things people talk’ (the first Point I mentioned)!

I will not disagree that every Person is different, and no tip will apply to every person you meet. Moreover, building connections is a daunting task for anybody.

I just put down some generic things, that you may or may not use when dealing with People. I don’t say it guarantees success, all I say is play it safely :slight_smile:

Bookmark-worthy advice.

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even if the person doesn’t know that you looked up information about him or her, that still feels like a violation of privacy which is something a friend, even less, a stranger should not be doing. and it would probably reflect in the type of relationship that will come. as a paranoid who used to do that, I feel I know this quite well.

Information is a useful tool. It is always good to have information…about people u deal with.

You are not violating their privacy or creeping into their lives. Just looking at stuff that they have made it public online. (Most have semi-to-full-restricted profiles)

Once you have the information, it is upto u, how u use it. U may just start a talk on some common topic…u found out they have an interest in. If you start talking too much personal, that will creep out anybody.

Also, Did you know our brain makes more than a 100 calculations per second…during socializations? Never say your not judgemental, our brains constantly judge things…and it is a part of our social instincts. These instincts aid in navigating around human beings.

You may face disappointments, as nobody can please or connect with everybody. That’s how life is …but, don’t go back in your shell. We have a population of 6 billion +, you will definitely find people that gel with u. U gotta keep trying…And trying is very easy in these times. Internet/Apps makes it easy to find people that share your interest.

When I meet people, my sole goal is to…exchange a few laughs and talks >> to improve my cognition.
I don’t set expectations of meeting again…or even getting a text back. I have met more than 60 people in the past 8 years via internet. Some have known for only 1-2 hours…and never heard back. It was not always 'people that din’t wanna catch up, few even i blocked for various reasons.

I have met some interesting people and known some interesting stories…It made me open-minded and more tolerant to people’s views and attitudes. All i can say is…while you are on Planet Earth…It is good to know as many people as you can, rather than going through life with rigid close-mindedness.

I understand that obtaining information is important in a professional sense, for hopes in landing a job or something similar.

but getting information about some random young woman or young man online, in hopes of starting a conversation with her or him, just sounds weird to me. I’d personally rather not do that, nor suggest others to do that.

just knowing enough to actually get accurate information about someone, without that someone telling you about his or her full name or information, is somewhat disturbing to me: (note that a lot of people share the same names anyways; so usually you’d need more than just a first name, or first and last name combination, to get information on someone.)

We live in a world where, everything put online is now public.

E-commerce websites /apps use facebook or email verification to authenticate you

When you land up on the website of a e-commerce/education/university/etc webpage…they use CRM software to know who their leads are. If you have ever seen the CRM software activities.and the information they get access to…It will raise your eyebrows.

A number of websites store cookies on your computer to track your activities.

Invading a person’s privacy is immoral and unlawful. But, everybody’s doing it! They call it business…you call it ‘improving cognition and having a better quality of life’…with no harm/ill inflicted on the other.

PS - I ain’t telling you to peep and find everything about people’s lives, just their interest from the information they have made public online. Also, you ain’t tracking their web activities or have access to their restricted online content.

I honestly don’t see the point in priving into people’s lives for the need of a subject to talk about, much better yet just asking with a smile “Where do your interests lay?”

I really don’t mean prying…I just mean getting smart.

Also, talking to a stranger involves a lot of risk, going through their social profiles…can help you decide, whether you should communicate with them or not.

Anyways, I won’t stress on this more…I never claimed people have to follow my tips…i just put down something that works most of the time

Sorry fellas, not asking you to change your sense of ‘rights’…nor asking to appreciate my self-help techniques in dealing with piglets :slight_smile: