Dealing with people better

I’m trying to learn how to deal with people. Due to isolating and symptoms of sz I’m kinda socially inept. Does anyone have any tips on dealinig with people or talking with people?

Just listen, use their words to escape yourself. Speak when you have something to say. Its alright to be quiet don’t let it feel awkward. Good people can handle silence. At least my type of people can. I rarely have anything to say and I’m a pretty intelligent person. I’m just not a social butterfly esp. with this disease. I like the boards because it helps me overcome the feeling that I’ve got nothing to say. Don’t let it get you down. You’ve got more on your plate then they do. Hope this helps. Gotta let go of the negativity and start having thoughts that you want to talk about not just self criticisms.

I’ve been seeing that social skills are in fact skills and can be learned and strengthened.

First off, go where people are, but in a safe place. I started at the library when I was getting used to people.

I would talk a bit to the librarian. Also, libraries have book clubs. I did that once and it helped my confidence. For one, it was once a month. We we’re there to talk about a specific book. it was in a library so it was hard to be loud and chatty. Art classes are also a good place for being around supportive people where you don’t have to be chatty.

I’d say check out something that is low key at first.

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