Dealing with intense stress

I’ve been struggling recently with intense stress and it’s been going on for a while now. I hope to continue to recover from a very bad period despite the continuing stress. I’ve been having mood swings (mostly periods of intense depression) and delusions augmented by hearing voices and racing thoughts.

My father is suing his business partner for fraud and embezzlement. He’s in his mid 70s now, and the amount due would end consolidating the family’s future. Problem is I’ve been suffering with the symptoms at around the same time. I wasn’t entirely symptom free before that, but I really started struggling around mid 2017.

I was seeing a doctor that I was uncomfortable talking to, infact it’s been a while since I’ve been comfortable with a doctor. That did not really help at all. He encouraged me to talk to the psychologists but I didn’t trust her either. She was very unprofessional with me. I’ve switched to another doctor at the same hospital and I’m hoping he’ll end up sorting me out.

I’m just hoping my father’s law suit ends up concluding by this fall, he’s got court dates until april, then I think there’s supposed to be a decision on the final settlement. The law suit has been chugging on since 2014, and the business partner has been using delaying tactics for the last 2 years. My father looks a lot older than he did when the law suit started. I’m hoping it ends soon. The suspense is incredible, and I’ve basically been having a prolonged relapse for over a year.

To top it off, I’ve just been sick of people in the city that I live in. I really want to move. Hopefully if everything works out I’m gonna go back to the US. My parents okayed the decision for me, but unfortunately the law suit has just dragged on, and you can imagine how bad that is if your pdoc is being untrustworthy. The fact that my brother is having a good time in Europe while my parents are being misrely with me here makes it even more frustrating. I have to beg for money for cigarettes, and i rarely go out these days.

I just want this knightmare to end. At the moment there’s hope, the business partner lost his case basically, dad is just sorting out the mess his delaying tactics caused ( he basically asked for extra salary payments amongst other things) then they’ll decide an amount to be paid (they already hired forensic accountants and used the central bank) then hopefully he’ll pay.

Thank Goodness I’m beginning to recover, and it could be that they’ll put me back on invega sustenna (the new pdoc hinted at that) and it could be that they’ll switch risperidone tablets for something else, could be at least. I just want the maintenance stage to start.

Anyway, that’s my story. I’m going to start seeing a psychologist soon again as well. Just someone i like quite a bit. Good vibes are important for me these days.

Sorry if that was too convoluted, i tried to make clear.

If you have any stories of severe stress please pass them on.
Thank you.


I hope everything turns out for the best.

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I hope everything works out for you! I’m sure all will be okay. You got this. I believe in you.

I’m in intense stress as well because of university. It’s like high school all over again, when I had to apply for university.

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Thank you very much, i hope you end up graduating. Just keep going on and do your work. Hopefully everything will work out.

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Thank you very much. You’re very stylish.


Thank you! I’m not in uni right now, I am on medical leave. My major expired, so here I am applying everywhere LOL

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My parents favored one of us kids. My pdoc said that emotionally, we had a different set of parents. That we just have to accept. I wish you well.:heartpulse:

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Thank you very much for your thoughtfulness . I wish you the very best in your life.

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