Dealing with incompetence

So my psychiatrists office took over a week to get back to me after several voicemails and emails by me my therapist and my case manager. I ended up in the hospital after a week of waiting. In the hospital they took me cold turkey off abilify and didnt want to give me another AP “because of the side effects”. I was psychotic and suicidal. I demanded she give me one and she put me on invega and i never saw her again for three days until they discharged me. Just got home got my voicemail from my outpatient psychiatrist and she wnated to put me on seroquel, which has historically made me prediabetic. So im wondering what her logic is?? I dont want to gain back that 50 lbs. No thanks ill stick with the invega.

Get another psychiatrist asap.


Yeah i plan on it. Absolutely ridiculous


A lot of psychiatrists are harried by too great a caseload, so it is really hard for them to give each case the attention it deserves. That said, I wish a few psychiatrists could experience some of the side effects we go through. They might be more pliable on med’s if that were the case. Be assertive with your pdocs. Let them know what the med’s are doing to you that you don’t like. Diabetes is a serious medical condition. You shouldn’t have to endure that if there are any good alternatives.


Thank you! I agree whole heartedly

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