Dead Inside (?)

Ever heard someone say they are dead? I’ve said it plenty. Can it be true I am just barely alive as it seems? Can it be true I’m just an illusion, as my main voice says?


Maybe it’s just boredom in the severe.

Don’t get me started with them thoughts
Geez are you unable to sleep mate?

The sun has arisen here.

We don’t know how it’s like to be dead. Maybe you feel empty or emotionally bankrupt.

Emotionally void and without thoughts.

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Yes the void. It’s difficult to fill. It’s easy to fill the void with BS. But that leads into no good. Alcohol,drugs and other unhealthy addiction are bad to fill the void.

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“Nature abhors a vacuum”. Eventually she fills it up, so it can be good to be empty.

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Yes, nothing better as an empty vessel to fill with good things. It’s as clear as water or the blue sky. Patience is a great virtue.

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