Dead communicate

Right before I thought my family died, I heard them communicate with me. I heard this is common before people pass over to communicate with loved ones. My famiy is still apparently alive. How do I know this was a hallucination or not?

Dont believe in any of it its all lies.

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Sometimes people talk to me telepathically, usually old classmates. There’s no way to (safely) verify so I’m left to wonder, is it just in my head?
With your family, you can check. I wouldn’t call it a hallucination, maybe a delusion.

It’s very easy to verify.

People absolutely cannot speak to anyone telepathically. Therefore, if you are hearing someone, it’s a hallucination

But people online have said that they heard loved ones voice after they died.

They’re either lying, hallucinating, or dreamed it. You can want something so bad you think it happens.

Some people really believe the dead can communicate with the living right after they die.

That doesn’t make it true.

There’s no way to prove that it is or isn’t true, but the likelihood is really low. if people can’t talk telepathically in life then it’s just as likely a dead person cannot.

When I was incarcerated, i was hallucinating and all my family, even celebrities died… in my head. I thought it was all real until I received a letter from my mother. It’s all delusional.

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