Daze saying Hi, and Merry Christmas

Last I checked I’m still paranoid schizophrenic.

Phil and I are out in Des Moines,
he’s got good Union job.

I miss my dependent son and dog,
my parents are helping us out.

Doing lots of writing/blogging/Facebook posts,
and I’m on groups on there now,

so I decided not to come back here.
It’s going well.

Hope everyone here is good.
I lost touch with Wonderdunk.


Hi and merry Christmas!

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Welcome Daze…i missed u alot… glad u are doing good…take care miss America…!!! Hahaha

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Good to see you! Thanks for responding.

I saw M & M’s have a candie that says: Happy Holidaze!

it made me come back here for this morning.


Hope you have a good holiday season

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You too. We have money this year.

I did give a goat to Malaysia.

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I’m also on a great group 15% er’s learning lots about the RH negative bloodline, and wondering if we’re related. It connects a lot of dots for me.

Merry Christmas…

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U should be on forum time and again… i like ur posts…!!

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Hope things keep going well for you, @Daze. God bless you and your family for Christmas and the new year!


thanks. We’ll see. I’m getting so many pop ups.

Hi @Daze!!
Merry Christmas!!
You were missed on here.


I looked for you right away,

good to see you’re here still.

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Merry Christmas

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Hey, lovely. Was just thinking of you the other day.

Hope you have a nice Christmas and keep up with the writing/blogging.

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Good to see you, Daze! Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas, Daze! I’m so glad to hear from you. Great news about Phil’s job and your writing.

I hope things keep going your way.


I think my day is complete now,I heard from @Rhubot


logging off now.


Happy Holidays! @Daze

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