Daytime Sleepiness?

Dax’s schizoaffective. Anyone else experience excessive daytime sleepiness/exhaustion?

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I had this before being medicated. I’m on the generic form of Geodon. On Geodon I can’t nap and only sleep 7-8 hours at night usually.


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I used to struggle with this when I was on high dose olanzapine. I would sleep until 11-12 and be drowsy until the evening.


Many antipsychotics I tried caused that. Now that I’m on the Haldol shot I have more energy

I used to sleep in late on olanzapine but on clozapine I don’t

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I have naps during the day and sometimes have insomnia at night

I love to sleep in the day, especially on the couch with the classic movies station on. I recently had my Valium reduced to almost nothing. And my ap is as low as ever. I feel better not being sedated.

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