Daylight Saving Time

We change our clocks tonight, fall back an hour. Does your country do that?


We did that in the uk last weekend.

Really? Last weekend? That may make the international travelers alittle nuts, wouldn’t you think?

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It must be difficult for the stock market traders with times all over the world changing!

Yeah the clocks go back the last weekend in October in the uk. Is to give the farmers more light to work with in the mornings apparently.

We do it the weekend after Halloween. Halloween is October 31st, the news just claimed its that way so kids have more daylight for trick or treat.

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Here a lot of people complain kids end up having to walk home from school in the dark by mid winter here. In scotland it gets dark at 4pm.

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Oh man, that is early for nightfall. I visited Ireland one time in the summer (England too).
I was amazed that daylight lasted until 10 pm in the summer. But in Ireland it was cloudy almost always,
Temperatures in the 50s, cold for summer.
I was looking at photos of our trip wearing warm sweaters and jackets in summer, dreary clouds.

The clocks are actually going back one hour to Standard Time.

In the United States the current version of Daylight Savings Time was put in place by President Nixon in 1973 due to a belief that it would save energy in light of the Arab oil embargo. States have always had the right to opt out, and Arizona and Hawaii did just that.

We have 43 years of data, and Daylight Savings Time has shown no effect on energy consumption, so most economists are advocating for its elimination.

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On the contrary, it’s actually less cost-effective in terms of energy consumption.

Yes, the data does show that to be the case.

SPRING forward, FALL back. That’s a good way to remember things.


i used to live in Arizona and it was so nice not having to mess with the clocks twice a year.

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This thread somehow managed to trigger me. How weird is that?

Oh well, carry on ladies ‘n’ gents.

Yep, I’m looking out of my window and it’s getting dark… Personally I’d rather have more light at night than in the morning, I wish they’d stop messing with the clocks!

Wow that’s pretty weird. I’m not sure if I would love living with that(the darkness quiets my mind), or miss the sunlight.

can any one remember when we didn’t have time change in place and we would run around in the morning dark for hours and the long time we had after work?

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I get a free extra hour tonight, what shall I do with all that extra time??/

Plan carefully and use this extra hour wisely. That way you’ll be prepared when you lose the hour in Spring. :grin:

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we get a lot of light from the fireworks tonight as its bonfire night here in the uk and everybody is out with their explosives lighting up the sky lol,

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There was a news story on this morning, "what if twins were born around the 2 am hour ". And they were trying to say that means the 2nd child born would be born at 1 am when the clock read 1 am due to the Daylight Savings Time change. The news people got all confused. I wonder if that ever really happens.