Daydreaming about drinking,smoking and coming off meds

Just daydreaming though. No intention of doing any of them. But it’s added an unwelcome twist to my day.

Part of me just wants things to go back to the way they were I guess.


I sometimes daydream about smoking and having a can of beer.

Lately I have had an urge to stop taking my Depakote.

It has turned me into a sleeping hungry Zombie.


I understand the med thing. I still fight the temptation to come off meds often. Although I’ve become more accepting of meds the last year, since I found a dose that fit me and didn’t make me so depressed.

Smoking… no idea, never did it. Drinking… well… the fun of it kind of went away with starting meds. I just get sleepy now, not euphoric and playful like before meds. Had a few beers yesterday though. I still like the idea of having a drink, somehow.


I don’t miss smoking one bit although I still have dreams where I have one. Drinking I still do. I guess I’m lucky in that it doesn’t mess with me too much. Changing to real ale rather than lager cuts down on the hangovers a lot.

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I don’t drink or smoke, but I have been slowly quitting my meds.
So far so good.
I don’t recommend other do it, but I think I’m ready.


Uh oh. Does your doctor know about this ? I thought you were treatment resistant until you took Clozapine?


I’m sorry :neutral_face:

I don’t drink a lot. I get sick every time I try. I like tea :tea: now.

My vape feels satisfying.

I don’t like cigarettes anymore. They stink.

Why don’t you find something you enjoy to fill your time like an Instagram account?

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I sonregret drinking a bottle of wine last night. I wish I hadn’t done that. Making afool out of myself in the bar.

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I’ve tried smoking but it gave me a sore throat and I didn’t like the taste. I had no intention of smoking full time, just wanted to see what it was like. As for drinking - as a general rule I don’t drink either. I don’t like the taste of most alcohol. Also I just don’t enjoy the hangover the next day if you accidentally drink too much. I dream of coming off my meds too. Wish I could. I would like things to go back to the way they were before everything happened. But I know that isn’t going to happen…sigh.


I see a person smoking on the tv and remember how good it was chemically. I loved smoking and it seemed to help my mind but I know just one cigarette will taste like shite from experience and I know a packet and I’d be an addict again!

When new to this I would say how long do I need to take the meds to the shrink. I gave that up after a while when I learned about this disorder.

I’m a lifer till a radical change in treatment so it doesn’t really bother me now except to make sure I’m taking the pills.

I dream about a lot of stuff…and mostly it’s about trying to finish things…and at work and I haven’t worked in years…it doesn’t mean a lot to me that dreaming!


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