Day treatment

Just wondering what peoples experiences with day treatment have been like.

I was in day treatment for about a year in two different programs. The first program I was in was for older chronic adults. It was ok… We did some basic skills stuff and did a field trip. The second program I was in was much better though. It was a mix of old and young plus people with substance abuse problems. We did a lot of cognitive, creativity, art, relaxation and writing groups plus we did a car wash, horseback riding and a field trip to an apple farm. We also had a talent show and Halloween party. We even had a large group that would meet outside program and see movies and grab dinner on the weekend. I still have a couple friends I met there 20 years later.


my cousin goes on and on about her day treatment experience, she was in it a year, she loved it. she is bi polar, cocaine addict background.

It would be a waste of time for me is my opinion, i have no interest in finger painting sick or well.

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I’ve been to a few partial programs. They mainly consist of groups during the day. The one I went to picked a couple of people to go on an overnight trip to a baseball game and aquarium. They’re designed for people who are not functioning very well. I started to go to one but the supervisor felt I was too high functioning so I went to an intensive outpatient group instead. When I was in high school we also had time to do our school work. The groups teach you things like coping skills and social skills. If you feel you need one try it out. Good luck to you. :sunny:


At the time I wasn’t functioning very well and it was just what I needed. There was quite a mix of educational levels… some people didn’t even have a GED but some had Master’s degrees. In the second program the stuff we did in groups wasn’t rocket science but it was a lot more intense than just doing crafts or crossword puzzles.

I think it is a lot harder these days to find a decent program because the funding just isn’t there any more here in the US. It was a very important piece of my recovery back then though because I really got to talk to a lot of people with very serious issues and not feel so badly about my own problems. We were a very cohesive group and were very sad when one of our young members died in his sleep.

That’s how mine was. I was able to get my GED. I was also plugged into vocational training through my day hospital. It really helped me with social skills, how to interview for a job, and there was a therapist who could help with stuff.

It got me out and being social when I was really stuck in my head. I’m glad I had that resource available to me.

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it would be nice to have an opportunity to get out and socialize.

The one I went to mostly dealt with people that had concurrent disorder. The turnover among the staff was very high. Every four months someone left then someone new came along.

I did an intensive outpatient for one month because I was paying out of pocket and that’s all I could afford. It was good for me. They focused mainly on DBT and coping skills, with a few art therapy classes and AA and trauma groups thrown in. It was very helpful for me at the time.

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For the most part, I’ve enjoyed the day treatment program I’m in. The best part is being around people with similar problems and having activities to do during groups and events going on throughout the year. Going out into the community as group is also fun. We did the community thing more in years past. Nowadays, we read and go over these articles most of the time. Group used to be more fun. I’ve been in day treatment since about 2009 or 2010.

It’s been over twenty years. I was in my late twenties and everybody else was around that range too. None of us we very high functioning at the time.There was a group of about 6 or 7 of us. To put it bluntly, the daily activities would have suited a group of 12 year olds. We did stuff every day like play board games.Some mornings we went out back and played volleyball. No one was any good. We played kids games like “Red light 'Green Light”. We baked cookies and sold them out in the lobby of the hospital where this was located. We played charades.We walked out to a field and played touch football. This was 1988. I was in the middle of relapsing. This day treatment was connected to the county hospital and the psyche ward was literally a 60 second walk away. At least three times after group was over I walked over by myself on my own volition and checked myself into a psychiatric evaluation room to be screened to see if I needed to be hospitalized. I was so bad at one point that I had to be strapped down for a couple hours in restraints.Bad times. But the day treatment was pretty basic. I made one friend there that I ended up knowing for more than a year.We hung around outside the program but I won’t get into that whole story.

sounds nice…I could have used something like that a year ago when I was a bloody wanker

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