Day programs

 so i dont no if iam aloud to say this but iam going to say it anyways so a van comes and picks me up and we go to a mental health faclity where we do groups. Do you guys feel that this helps you if you do such a thing?

  Here lately i havent gone for a few months due to sickness but considering going back agian because i have nothing else to do but work on my probelms but even that said i feel as if little is done each day i was there. But if i feel better i want to join a gym i think that might help some. How do you guys cope with your sickness what do you do?

Popping my pills (meds) keeps me grounded, so does my child (my dog)

Joining a gym sounds good.
Some day programs are good-depending on what activities they have. Are these groups doing counciling?
You can pretty much talk about whatever you need to here.

Just like everything in life, some are good and some are not so good. I was in both types. I ended up in a very swank place for a bit that had a so-so program that really didn’t do much and it just felt empty and a waste of time.

Then I ended up in one that had counselling and vocational training a long with the activities and networking. It got me a part time job that turned into a full time job that got me to the job I have today.

Some are merely Ok. Others are stroke of luck.

Going to a gym is cool. i did that for awhile. Now I’m able to get all the exercise I need around the land I own…it’s never ending! And i get sore at the end of the day sometimes so i know it’s working.

I never went to a day program so idk…I know someone who did and eh…LOL, idk either…so-so I guess.
Me:, writing, drawing, looking up cool stuff online, talking with people online in meaningful conversations, the work around my place…being out in nature which is huge therapy in itself for me.

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it has kinda like everything except counsling but i normally just go on thursdays for counsling with therapist they have yoga and such they even go to the gym but iam scared to go to the gym with sick people not all r sick just maybe half or so. my irrashional thoughts come out and i imagin an outcome that prolabley wont happen. but yea they kinda have everything but counsling at the groups i like when they go on outings like that movie the dream team. that was prolly the best part i think thats why maybe the groups arnt so good cause there not centered around people that have probelms they take care of that with individual counsling but one thing i like to say is i no others like suprized find it wastful of time because there is no counsling in the groups so whats the point if its mental health. well i was thinking and i think its just for something to do kinda thing for bored people that r at home needing something to do but sorta not helpfull with probelms other then it gets your mind off of your probelms when you go. sorry about my spelling iam terriable at it .

if its like partial hospital program its a big waste of time at least the one i went to, i was worse when i left then when i came in

well i just no they do day programs there for mental health people i dont no if its like a day center

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The yoga sounds like it would be great for you because you really have to concentrate, but it`s relaxing and focused at the same time.

Yes i used to do it alot helps alot best time of my life was when i was doing it regular its just hard for me right now to focuse enuff to do it but maybe soon i can thank you for the pm

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i think it’s a good idea :smile:

i went to a place a few years ago and it was pretty good but i had to use public transport to get there but it was the train so it was a lot safer,

idk if that place is still there though because of all the cutbacks.

also after i got sick i was picked up in a car and taken out with other mentally ill people to play snooker/pool or bowling and i liked that.