Day one all over again quitting smoking. tired

I quit cold turkey and lasted about two weeks and for some reason picked them up again about a month ago…I have tried quitting smoking now for about six years…I wish someone would tell me what to do…this is day one again and I’m not sure how I feel about it…I am happy but torn because I am in withdrawal…anyone who quit a thousand times have any advice?


Have you tried/considered vaping?
It’s easier than cold turkey if you can’t manage that, and it’s vastly healthier than smoking

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I have quit 1000 times and started 1001. All I know is smoking is killing you. If you want to feel better you will quit. If you want to save money you will quit. If you want your high blood pressure to go down you will quit. If you want your risk of heart attack to go down you will quit. If you want less wrinkles you will quit. Basically if you want to be free you will quit, until then you are a slave to it.


@Leaf yes to all of those reasons to stop…!! I hate smoking I really do for all it’s bad qualities…why do I keep falling down?

It really takes a momentous shift in mindset. You have to realise what the actual process of smoking is.

For example, you need to study how you feel about the cigarette. The cigarette in your hand, the lighting of it. The first inhalation. Then you need to identify how your body reacts to it. Do you feel the relief at first? How many puffs does it take to satiate the nicotine rush?

Then you need to be true to yourself and identify the sickness feeling that the cigarette gives. The queasy feeling you would get from smoking a cigarette too quickly. If one cigarette doesn’t give you that feeling, have a second cigarette straight after the first one.

Once you have identified this feeling then you can realise that cigarettes actually make you feel sick. The pleasure of using the hands and lighting it and the first inhalation always leads to sickness no matter what.

Realising that cigarettes make you feel sick is something that you can always remember and cling to when you reach for that packet. Changing the mindset from the pleasure you seek from smoking can become the sickness found inside that packet.

It is not a pleasure, it stinks, kills you and takes away your bodily senses like smell. It makes you a slave to nicotine and will inevitably shorten your life.

So next time you have a cigarette study how it makes you feel…

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I don’t know? I haven’t figured that out for myself yet. I guess it’s just the addiction that keeps us going. It’s terrible though. It just kills us slowly everyday and we keep lighting up one after the other. It’s really depressing.

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@labratmat wow that was very inspirational…I have felt the sickness too…I will remember that.

@Leaf well hang in there…are you quitting right now?


no I’m not quitting, I’m just trying to cut back. That’s the best I can do right now. I can pretty easily get down to about 10 smokes a day, or less bc I don’t usually smoke a whole cigarette.

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And you don’t smoke the whole cigarette because it makes you feel sick, right?

That is what it is, sickness.


no they don’t make me feel sick unless I smoke a bunch, like chain smoking. Sometimes when I’m nauseated a cigarette will make it worse, so I know what you mean.

Please try not to beat yourself up about this. I smoked for 10 years and tried to quit more times then I can count. As far as quitting goes not only are you up against the nicotine itself, you are up against the countless chemicals they put in the cigarettes. It’s extremely hard to quit. My advice is to keep trying and give yourself grace if you fall. If you fall, learn from it. Best wishes to you.


Don’t give up @jukebox.
Keep trying and one day you will be cigarette free.

The best way to quit is cold turkey.
This is what I did.

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My neighbours smoke, and i am an ex smoker. Quit 14 years ago cold turkey. I’ll never go back because I use the motivation of the realisation that it makes me feel sick. Once I beat the nicotine addiction’s back and the craving mostly went away, the smell of someone smoking got worse and worse. I detest it now and can smell one from far way.

Another reason people smoke is because they don’t care about living. The threat of death from smoking doesn’t bother these people. It is like there is an innate desire to die. They simply do not care about their own existence. Often when these peope get cancer they re-evaluate their desire to live faced with their imminent demise, which is too late for some. Others were true to their innate desire to die early. Perhaps, for szs the desire to live isn’t as strong as others.


I didn’t mean to be a downer. I know that somewhere within you there is the strength to overcome this addiction. Every time you try to quit you better your chances of succeeding. This time is the time you will do it. I have absolute faith that you are ready, willing and able. If you get bitchy you can come on here and take it out on us. We will understand. You got this!

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Honestly, I can’t give any advice because I’m in your shoes. I tried to quit thousands of times only to fail each attempt. I guess the only thing I can say is keep trying, at one point maybe you’ll drop it.


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