Day 6 on 2.5mgs of abilify feeling good

i feel pretty good on this dose considering taking this dose forever i feel more emotions and stuff still on 100mgs lamicatal tho for the bipolar side of schizoaffective . also feel less sedated .i remember when i first started on 2.5mgs my symptoms immediately went away never got a hallucination or a voice again i hope my prayers were answered and i get a miracle or something and i become 100 percent normal one day.

There’s a honeymoon period whereby you feel better for a while once you come off meds. Then it all goes south.

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i notice how you say 5mgs is not therapeutic were did you get that number from

Clinical trials. 10mg is the minimum therapeutic dose for schizophrenia.

5mg is used as an addon to an antidepressant for depression.

so 10mgs would "heal my brain " while 2.5mgs would be like me taking nothing

Yes. That’s correct.

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