Day 3 not smoking...on Chantix. feeling good

It took me a month smoking on chantix but I still have a month left of chantix to go and I’m on day 3 not smoking. I thought chantix would take away all the cravings but about an hour ago I had a really bad craving. I just lay down when I get cravings and they pass. Surprised me though, I thought I was past cravings. I guess there is still some withdrawal to go through.

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Congrats Jukebox! Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

I also stopped smoking 90 days ago. It feels great! Get out of this cage and save your health


**That`s what I heard too, but not sure how that stuff works… **

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Way to go jukebox! I know you can do it. Think of how your health will improve. Think of the money you’ll save. Hang on! You can do it!

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