Day 2 of cutting out caffeine

Already down to only 1 cup of coffee and a soda in the past day.

I’ve seen a pretty sharp reduction in my symptoms, although they haven’t gone away. Derealization seems to be a very hard thing to shake, I can’t help feeling uneasy a lot of the time. Especially around my stepdad, he hasn’t said a word to me since we got into it. He tends to avoid me completely, if I wake up and come downstairs, he’ll leave the room. It’s pretty ■■■■■■ awful. ■■■■ that guy.


sorry you feel that way, i have been trying to watch what i eat and drink as well, cutting down portion sizes is a big thing with me just now and also trying to drink more water, these are all good things in my book.

Drinking water right before you eat helps a lot with cutting down portion sizes, helps you feel more full

What exactly do you mean by Derealization?

I’ve been struggling with a loss of connection to other humans. Normal things seem more alien to me now, and I analyze behaviors like you would in a member of another species, there’s a general sense of uneasiness about everything.

It happens a lot when i’m watching TV.

It’s kindof like this in reverse. As if you were from one of the other dimensions watching human tv

It happens in person too, but not as often. Although it’s a lot more unsettling when it happens in person.


Gotcha. I used to do something similar. But abilify seems to have put that into the background for me. Yeah, that’s a very good description of it.

I believe that it’s the source of my perceptual distortions, and is my main symptoms. I don’t hear things, but the derealization can be rough.

It’s exacerbated by caffeine, but caffeine makes me euphoric, so it’s easier to manage. It could be caused by the caffeine, I don’t know yet. I’ll know in the next week or so. I had two sodas today and that’s it, so I cut almost all of the caffeine out of my diet.

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Good show… I’ve only seen one episode… but I’ll have to find a way to watch the rest… not really a pressing issue.


Dud caffeine is hard to let go of… its been 24+ since I’ve had any caffeine though… and I simply can’t afford to have coffee around any more… I do think I’ll wind up feeling healthier without it… not just symptomatically, but psychologically as well. A mind that just keeps itself entertained, instead of constantly craving distractions and alterations.

Stick with it man. Just forget it’s out there

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Good luck. I just gave up on cutting out caffeine after two straight weeks of migraines. Withdrawal shouldn’t last that long!

Going to avoid it altogether today.

I’ve pretty much quit coffee now as well, just need to kick the cigarettes again. GL giving it up, it might help its not bad to have one every so often but after years of drinking multiple cups a day you don’t really need it anymore.

I was up to around 10-15 at one point haha

Well I quit caffeine 3 weeks ago, cold turkey, but I now have a diet Sprite habit. I noticed I’m more calm and less impatient. I drink the diet Sprite when having withdrawals but I need to cut it down to just water. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but don’t forget chocolate it has caffeine too.

It doesn’t have enough to create psychotic symptoms, the goal of quitting caffeine is to rule out caffeinism as a source of my symptoms. If that weren’t a possibility, I would’ve said ■■■■ it.

I quit caffeine for good last year, I avoid it. It makes me nervous, anxious, and an insomniac with nightmares. I used to drink a pot of cafefinated coffee a day with no problems when I was younger, and all through out it didn’t bother me in my 20s and 30s … not until my 40s. I just saw what it was doing and lost my appetite for it.

Oh it makes me euphoric and helps a lot with depression.

You are doing a good job. Sorry you have ___ of a step-father. I hope you won`t let it get to you-and keep up the good work!
My son drinks way too much Dr, Pepper…

He’s been pretending I don’t exist because he’s a ■■■■■■■ child.

Sitting here on the couch slipping in and out of nightmares and depression

Worst i’ve felt in a while

You can also pretend the same ( at least for now ).
Wonder if you are having withdrawals from caffeine? Very possible if your system is used to a lot.