Dawson's Creek and guilty pleasures

I found out Netflix has Dawson’s creek. I remember it being kinda campy and cheesy, so I decided to watch it for a laugh. However… It’s actually kinda captivating :sweat_smile:

So I guess now Dawsons’s Creek has become my guilty pleasure, haha
What’s yours?


In college I got kind comparisons to ‘Pacey’.

So just saying I have a soft spot for the show too.

But like those teens were a little too verbose boasting a humongous vocabulary for youngsters… that’s what I walked away remembering about the show.

Wait… you must’ve been young to have taken in that show? I’m pretty sure they dealt with some advanced topics.

You’re older than I thought(sorry I remember you posting), but you look good for your age, @Miika.

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My guilty pleasure is rewatching The Walking Dead and catching up on seasons I have missed.

I like a lot of old American shows like the Dick Van ■■■■ Show and I Love Lucy.

I never watched Dawson’s Creek regularly despite being in high school when it aired. I did see the first episode and the one where Jen gives the eulogy at a funeral. Talk about drama!

I did have the soundtrack though. My roommate and I listened to it in college at night to fall asleep. We called it out “sleepytime CD”.

There are some funny Dawson’s Creek Revisited blogs out there though.

Lol @ Dick Van ■■■■ being censored.

my guilty pleasure is pop country music, just heard a new song today called, “beer never broke my heart” by luke combs haha. listened to it a couple times. and i’ve also been listening to matt stell “everywhere but on” lately and niko moon “good time”

Yeah I noticed that too. I know people twice their age with a worse vocabulary :sweat_smile:

I was pretty young when it aired in my country, yes. I was born in '90

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