David the Taunter

I ran into this guy at a restaurant where I started going for breakfast. He would enjoy baiting me and making fun of me although I had done nothing to merit this. He just singled me out for no good reason. His verbal assaults were meant in fun, but they had their dark side, so I decided to ignore him and not talk back. I talked with the owner about him and she said he was going to be fired the next day for this reason. She told me I wasn’t the only one he was bugging. Now he is employed in the supermarket I go to frequently. He approached me again and started talking loudly and in a threatening manner about me in a familiar way with some of the other employees. I decided to talk with the store manager, which I did. He was receptive although I don’t know that he has done anything. Yesterday, when I went to the store, I had to slink around the aisles keeping my eye on him in case he saw me. In the parking lot, I had to hastily sneak out to my car, because he had approached me once out there as well. He’s disturbing my thinking when I come home. I can’t even eat the bread I bought there without fearing his memory. ???

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That’s inappropriate and I’d say stand your ground. If he appraoches you and your uncomfortable then call the cops. Something will be sorted.

Sounds like an ass …but you never know if they don’t have mental issues as well.

You did the right thing to approach the management!