Daughter's Kind Gesture

My girl is making greeting cards for the elderly in retirement residences and seniors who are shut in.

She gets credit for volunteer hours for school for doing this.

It really is a sweet way for the younger generation to connect with the older generation. They are all positive, upbeat and loving letters!

I think she got the idea off of Tik Tok and her teacher was thrilled with the project!


I really feel for the elderly who have been shut in through Covid-19

Must have been really hard for them.

Just hope the vaccines allow them to have more visitors

Good on your daughter for doing this!

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Hmm. . .

Before My Lacy (Pup) Passed Away.

I Wanted To Arrive At Hospitals With Her For Cancer Patients.

Her Attitude About Life Was Free Spirited, Sarcastic, And Filled With Promise.

I Could Almost Imagine The Joy She Would Bring To Those Downhearted.

I Never Mentioned That Dream To Anyone Because I Got Caught Up In A Landslide Of Chaos.

(By) (The) (Way),

Stacey Kent Does A Cover Of ‘Fleetwood Macs’, ‘Landslide’.

It’s Pretty Beautiful And Gorgeous And Attractive.

Sorry To Derail.

Your Daughter Seems Like A Lacy (Pup).

It’s Quite The Compliment!.

~P.s. Hope, Trust, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Endlessly Eternal Peace!.~ :wink:

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Thats really nice of your daughter!

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