Daughter turned 23 today! First born. Feel really old at 50. Here's hoping she has a life full of love and wonder and a lack of illness

Gone are the family birthday parties around a crowded table. She picked up a shovel of dirt and said she knew how old the dirt was. It was the same age as me because I’m old as dirt. Smart as but I managed to chase her half a block before my asthma kicked in. Kids!

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hi orange. happy birthday to your daughter. don’t feel too old. tell yourself life is just beginning to get good. maybe it will come true for you.

hugs, judy

That’s I’ll be proud of my baby girl for many years to come e. College graduate. Working group full time, paying the bills. Good kid!

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50 is not old as dirt! :smile:

Im feeling a bit older at 51 years old, but hanging in there - You hang in there too! :sunny:

that’s great orange. mine ( a one and only ) daughter is just turned 25. she is also doing nicely thanks god. i am so happy she doesn’t have any of my sz and neither does my one and only so far granddaughter.

i have to thank God somehow. i am trying. judy