Dating Tips

I read this somewhere once…

When dining out, check to see how your girlfriend treats the waiter…because that’s exactly how she’ll be treating you down the road in your relationship.

I think this applies as well to boyfriends. Check how he treats the waitstaff as an indication of how you will be treated later on once the infatuation has settled down.


If someome treats other people like crap, or disrespectfully, that’s a major red flag.

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Also ladies-

If, on your 3rd date the guy says…

“Would you like to shake hands with my Little Sea Captain?”



In mind Hunter the girl says her mother checks her boyfriends for how much they love their mother as a sign of how much they’d love them

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Yes I’ve heard the same thing too. My sisters husbands are mamas boys (both raised by single mothers) and they’re amazing to my sisters. Good tip!


I havent always been, but now I’m kind of a mommas boy :laughing::joy:

Definitely how they treat people and talk about people is a sign as to what kind of person they are.

am getting a Asian woman sent to me


You gotta be real careful with that one.

Yes, you want a man that loves his mother and treats her with respect,

However, if you’re not careful, you could end up with a Mama’s boy,

And that is less than desirable.

What does a mamas boy mean exactly I never knew?? I love my mom and we talk and stuff. She’s the number 1 woman in my life.

I think it depends on the girl tho. And the specific guys specific relationship with his specific mom. Don’t think it’s so cut and dry “girls don’t like momma boys”

Like Tupac was a mamas boy and he “got around”

my mom never spoiled me cuz I didn’t ever wanna be spoiled. But lately I kinda stop caring and now I don’t mind being spoiled a little bit… our relationship is closer in this sense


A ‘mamas boy’ is someone who listens way too much to his mother, and is way too dependent on her.

It’s okay to be close to your mum, it’s not okay to be codependent.

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Ok good to know.

I agree with @Berru,

A Mama’s boy is someone that is totally dependent on their mother emotionally.

Its to the point where the mother has control and its almost an unhealthy relationship,

Like you’ll never be first in his life because of his mother.

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If your date puts out for the waiter five minutes after entering the restaurant than she’s definitely a keeper.