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Here’s the situation. I’m a 38 year old man and I’ve been seeing a 43 year old woman for sometime now. I feel like she treats me like less than a man and sometimes a kid because she has a car and drives us around when we go out. She tends to use sarcasm quite a bit. I’ve been praying for what to do about this issue as it’s hard for me to express my feelings. Can anyone relate to this situation?

I don’t know. How does she treat you like a child? Her driving doesn’t necessarily equate treating you like a child. Do you have a car? If so, can you ask if she minds you driving sometimes?

I don’t have a car and I don’t want to drive. I think she would like for me to drive though.

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It’s can be tough, if you’re traditionally-minded, to learn that not all gender stereotypes are good or helpful. Your girlfriend drives. You don’t. There’s nothing wrong with this. Other people might be judgy, but they’re not the ones who have to live in your relationship. Does she treat you with respect? Does she make you happy? Does she bring out the best in you? Those are more important questions.


I agree with @ninjastar

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I agree with @ninjastar your relationship is yours don’t care what others think. If you are happy maybe you should tell her how you feel. She may not realize she is doing it

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