Dating sites

These sites messed with my head. I never had a relationship at around 30 so I chose this route. I have some regrets and so many stories. I revealed my DX to people way too early… Majority of people already made up their minds about me before meeting me … Many ghosted me and blocked me. I didn’t know how to react to those situations…and I’m sensitive as it is it really effected me emotionally.

I met my partner online but if I didn’t I would probably still be on those sites in a far worst position than before.

Also I was on there I was lonely ,I wasn’t on there looking for sex. Most people were though so I guessed that added to the issue.

Your DX?

I myself would tell them my mental health early. It gives them an idea

Its been bipolar for a while

There over 7 billion women.

You’ll figure it out

I didn’t get what that meant ? I would never go on those sites again even if things don’t work out between my partner. I’d rather be single.

Gabe Deen has some good resources for men suffering from porn induced erection dysfunction.

I don’t have erection dysfunction :open_mouth:

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