Dating - it's just a simple statistics game

Here’s my morning epiphany on dating.

To all the single people out there, dating is just a simple statistics problem. If you ask at least 100 women out, 1 has to at least say yes. And if you’re sincere and nice, more than one will say yes. You just have to be open to new possibilities.

I thought I would share this inspiration. This seems to be a topic that comes up a lot.

Now I need to apply this formula to myself! :heart_eyes:


That is true and I have proved it in the past, however finding a accepting, long lasting relationship is a lot more complicated.


True, that’s an additional challenge.

My mate always said it was a numbers game.

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That’s the way I look at it too. It just takes extra strength and courage to come out of your comfort zone.

Thank you for your reply @Jimbob how are you today?

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I am good today thanks. Just about to have a shower - that’s 3 in 3 days. Pretty good going for me.

How are you today @azteccelt?


Awesome Bro. I need to take a shower too. Even though I took one yesterday, but it’s summer here.

I am good, thank you. I need to get more smokes, but I don’t feel like walking to the store.

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Have you tried vaping? Has saved me a ton of money.


Yeah I bought this cheap one. It didn’t do much for me. Maybe if I buy a more expensive one it will treat me better.

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For sure. I got a cheap one and the throat hit of it was real weak. Nowhere near as good as tobacco. Bought a good variable voltage one and I now actually prefer it to cigarettes. Is worth paying a bit more.

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I trust there are girls who are interested in me… I get opportunities but most of them are more bent than I and I hope to meet a warmer soul than the cold of the California summers

Probability Factor … ,

Nvr Give Up on Yourself e(Y)e Say … … …

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Guess I just need to try asking out a bunch a women. First though I want to get a job and keep it for at least a year.


Maybe if you go on dates you will find someone you want to be with.

I think there are so many people that do not want to see me happy or with a man and being and all he is compatible with me and good to and for me and visa versa.
Its possible they might get threatened to stay away from me.
Then theres all the woman and men …ill just say doing what they do…which is not nice toward me.
They may want the guy and who n all he is for themself or a friend of theirs.
I have spiritually met someone i want to be with but it could be difficult for him.
Because people take from me (wont explain here) but my spirit and aura is not married not in another body either.
With so many people fighting agaisnt it with who and all they are it does not come to statistics for me to meet him in person.
One may have to get through all of them so they can not harm and interfere etc.

I think he seems to know about these things which is good.
But maybe i am wrong. Maybe he is with someone else.
Many men romantically just want use me to get to my money irl and or light years, loving nature tc and have take it in some one elses body.
There are currently quiet a few that are.

I think we may be able to meet spiritually and communicate in good mannerism or way and it could be possible to meet.
Many woman probably want him and many men also and i think we have spoken abut bigame which is good.

I do not think there are many men i can/want/should be with romantically.
Because they may not be compatible for so many reasons and its probably very difficult being my man and husband in who and all is but probably also rewarding in the end as such as im affectionate and good natured and lot love n goodness to give naturally.

There are different dating sites.
Some dating sites do not let you use your own rum and eyes or be your self cause someone else been using it though its not them and suing them for it may not be easy.

I’m really shy I wouldn’t be able for that hahaha

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Haha I am shy too, don’t feel bad. Sometimes it’s good to come out of your shell imo.


Yes, being a provider is a good genetic characteristic to have. Although money is becoming less of an issue these days. More couples are both working now than in the past.