Dating former care giver?

LOL you dont wanna commit transference though…sounds like a scary word that they picked for a reason…so they can scold you and say “Dont do transference”

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Sorry if i offend - but to me just sounds plain creepy. Havent you heard about BOUNDARYS when it comes to people that support you?

@Resilient1 It’s not a good idea.

Care givers are generally governed by a code of ethics that precludes them from dating people they’ve cared for, especially if they are considered to have a reduced capacity of sorts. He or she (depending on how you roll) would be committing professional malpractice. Yes, this is unrealistic.


I thought if I recovered enough and became a member of the sssc code of practice myself (same as her then it would be more acceptable)

Btw I don’t like people calling me creepy bc I’m not, we all got feelings, we’re all human

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I dont think its creepy at all. It’s normal for people to fall for caregivers, but it would be very inappropriate to make a move. It seriously violates caregiver/patient relationship.

If you make a move it will not end well. Even trying to think of the best scenario it will not end well.

She could get in trouble even if you arent currently her patient, depending on how her employer feels about it. It’s very unethical.

Look for someone else.

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