Dating former care giver?

is it possible to recover and date a former care giver or am i being stupid?

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oh hell no! The community come after you and her. You be all looking and stuff, it’s all cool. What are you hoping to achieve?

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that may be awkward, prob best to start fresh

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man :frowning: shes a really nice person :frowning: been thinking about her :frowning:

but if i recover and i’m ok then whats the harm?

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I did direct care for 3 years, off of disability, working full time, there were moments with some of these guys, what you get to being close, and being seen as an immediate. Don’t fall for it, I could have gone to prison.

but if i join the sssc as well doesnt that make us equal?

i looked up the rules but couldnt find anything on it

I don’t know if matters former or current, but if she’s still working in the field, probably not a good idea.

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she’s more of a vocational worker, she encourages me

idk if i would say she cares for me but yeah i am supposed to be under her care

she’s just so darn cute :frowning:

Try to not do that if you can help yourself. What @Daze said is very true.

Be careful. People who fall in love with caregivers end up in court ordered med routines. Not a good idea to try.


idk what you mean, whats wrong with looking for the right person? why does it matter who they are, she knows me better than anyone

Phil seems she’ll get fired but not get prosecuted, not sure.

depends upon your state.

Bad plan.

Its her job to be nice to you,

Its not flirting.

Asking her out would put her in a really awkward situation.

You should try to find someone who is not one of your caregivers.


i have a crush on her, i cant help it :frowning:

I have a thing about spiritual serpents. I’m not sure that they’re a delusion.

I have a crush on one of my former nurses. I’m not going to try to seek her out as thinking that it would work out WOULD be a delusion.:smile:

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dont think with your serpent. think with your noggin. this is not good idea to date a care giver.


dream on! but don’t ask or touch ! I understand you have a crush…so do I on my psychiatrist but we just like each other a lot…she says it’s always a pleasure to see her and it makes my day…she’s married and I’m with Angie but she is pretty and funny and she knows me well too…no harm in a crush. just don’t act on it or you will probably be finding yourself without a care giver at least not her anymore…don’t do it man.


I had a crush on my last psychiatrist.
She was very pretty but I did not make any kind of move as I knew this would be very awkward to say the least.

It’s not a good idea @Resilient1.

It could lead to trouble.

I would really advice you to leave her alone, since being compassionate and acting as humanely as possible is her job.

It’s an illusion we all bet on, in different non-professional environment those signals you’re receiving can mean something, even then you still need to act like a gentlemen, because chance that person is simply just being nice and friendly.

Please don’t make this hard for her.

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Psychiatrists call this transference. It’s pretty common to experience this so they even came up with a name for it. She’s doing her job. Best case scenario is that she is flattered and considers it harmless. Worst case scenario it gets awkward and she suggests you getting a new care taker. I say that’s the worst case scenario as you don’t seem to be the kind of person to push the envelope past asking her out.

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